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Cotton pollination 'by hand', Poshina tribal area, Gujarat, India
In the photo: Woman pollinating cotton 'by hand', near Poshina, Gujarat, India.

About me (the "work")

You'll have learnt a little about my personal interests from the rest of this site, so this page focuses on my work experience, past and present...

The present...

In recent years I've worked on both websites and intranets for the likes of Aviva and Virgin Money in the UK.

I am currently an Ecommerce Analyst in the UI team within the Marketing at the company I work for and the role is quite varied and involves:

  • Requirements analysis and change management
  • Working with other teams (marketing, comms, aquisition, studio and IT)
  • Occasional team management responsibilities.

The focus of the role is the maintenance and development the company's websites:

  • HTML/CSS coding
  • graphic design using Fireworks/Photoshop
  • content management(using Tridion CMS)
  • accessibility and usability
  • search engine optimisation and site performance
  • web analytics and site performance monitoring.

The past... other experience

I have gained the following experience from previous roles:

  • Intranet management and delivery
  • Intranet content management and enterprise search
  • Accessibility and user experience
    (practical experience running UX studies and conducting expert reviews)